Trent & Keren Lott

Jim & Jennifer Dilley

Our Marriage Ministry is a very important one.  Once the I DO's are said, the beautiful couple walks off into the sunset, right?  Not exactly.  The RAW class addresses the "Reality After the Wedding" in a fun, transparent, real-life setting where couples glean from other couples, and a casual banter gives way to addressing serious issues that couples face.  Experience growth and establish an accountability group for your marriage as you get connected with RAW.


Here at All Seasons Men of Action, we seek God first. We're here to help you discover your strengths as a husband, father, businessman, and leader. We recognize that every man has an innate desire to be a part of something bigger than himself. We want to empower men to impact their workplace, communities—and most importantly—their families for the kingdom of God.
Life isn't meant to be lived alone. Throughout the year, we offer fun and exciting indoor and outdoor activities.

Jeff Mitchell & Mark Gaddis

Leaders of Men of Action

Men of Action will help you develop lasting friendships and bring you closer to the Lord. Whether you're looking for a place to meet new friends, connect to a mentor, grow spiritually, or serve your community, there's a group for you.
Serving others is a vital part of what we do at All Seasons. There are many ways for you to serve with Men of Action.

Join us on Sunday mornings at 9:30 a.m. for discipleship or Tuesday mornings at 6:00 a.m. for bible study.


Susan Mitchell

Small Group Leader 

We believe that women, especially when united, are a powerful force with great impact in our world for the kingdom. When we focus on the things that unite us instead of our differences, anything with God is possible.


We believe that we were created to be the hands and feet of Jesus and there are numerous service opportunities throughout the year. From our annual Christmas Cookie Drop to our community outreach projects you can always find us serving!
You can join us on Sunday Mornings for a dynamic discipleship class, where we grow closer with God and each other!


Doug Rouse & Jean Cox

The Table Leaders 

Come join us at “The Table” An intimate place where the Bible becomes real in each believer’s life thru a deep study of the Word. A place that grows disciples of Christ and teaches participants to share Christ’s love and compassion with others.